This week, we’d like to highlight the fine winery of Badeur Mimeur, from the Bourgogne region of France. Badeur Mimeur offers a selection of roughly twenty white and red wines, and is a perfect example of what the region has to offer.
Bader Mimeur is a family-run winery, begun in 1919 by Charles Mimeur, when he bought the “Clos de Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet.” The family has been producing their own wines there ever since, ensuring a level of care and quality you’ll not find in a more ‘corporate’ winery.
The Chassange-Montrachet is located in the south of Cote d’Or. The region is frequently washed by the winds of the Mediterranean, and its soil is a unique blend of chalk, sand, argil, and iron oxides, perfect for a vineyard.
Being a family business, however, they have to import workers for the harvest every fall. In recent years they have been running a program, mainly targeted at students, where they bring in seasonal workers for a week-long unique experience. These workers do pick grapes, of course, but they also get an in-depth tour of the winery and its inner workings, as well as plenty of wine to taste (but of course!).

But enough prelude. Let’s get to the wines:
Bader Mimeur’s signature wines are the “Chassagne Montrachet” line, which consist of two 100% Chardonnays and one 100% Pinot Noir. Each is listed with a keeping potential of 8 to 15 years (see, for example, the Pinot Noir). Of special note is the Aloxe Corton, or “Toppe au vert.” This pinot features a blend of various pure fruit flavors. The vineyard recommends it with roast rabbit, which sounds quite delicious to us.
Or if you’re looking for something a little heftier, you might try the Pommard “Les grands epenots,” considered one of the best Pommard wines. It matches well with a hearty meal, perhaps wild boar or a salacious stew. If you find yourself in the mood for white wine, don’t miss the Saint Aubin “En Remilly,” a golden Chardonnay that seamlessly fuses rich fruity tastes with a nonetheless dry flavor.

Like any winery worth its salt, they have a range of wines of varying vintages, all either pure Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Currently they offer no mixed vintages, although they do make 3 Spirits, a Creme De Cassis (goes excellent with desserts, especially ice cream), Vieux Marc De Bourgogne (distilled from the skins and stalks of grapes post-pressing), and a Vieille Fine De Bourgogne (made from distilling wine). If you’re in the market for fine spirits, you may order directly from their website or could also find great deals at erento.
Interested? Bader Mimeur offers tastings both at the winery itself and in their private tasting cellar in Paris. Personally, we recommend visiting the vineryard – if you’ve not travelled through Bourgogne you’re missing out. But either way, it’s definitely worth a stop by to taste what they have to offer.

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